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        The “Our Lady of the Angels Center” actually has many projects at stand-by due to lack of finance.

 1°) “Responsible parenthood.”

       This project intends to put at the disposal of youths of productive age hard carton leaflets carrying guidelines on natural contraception based on the knowledge of the menstrual cycle. These leaflets will have as principal aim to teach them among others to avoid:

  • Unwanted pregnancies,
  • Clandestine and sometimes fatal abortions,
  • Infanticides which are common in areas where people fight daily for survival,
  • Babies abandoned in dustbins and bushes,

We also teach them to:

  • Know and better follow up their menstrual cycle,
  • Detect abnormalities and irregularities for the gynecologists to better take charge,
  • Avoid chemical contraceptives which sometimes cause obesity and cardio vascular diseases,
  • Know at which period of the menstrual period they may conceive or not.

        In fact, the natural family planning (NFP) is the divine method because God has made that all his creatures have fertile and unfertile period. This method must be protected and encouraged by all those who know it and claim themselves sons of God.

2°) The disinfestations of wells.

      This project aims to putting chlorine into wells in the neighborhood which are not connected to potable water distribution network. In effect, we have noticed that in Douala and particularly in the neighborhood which are not connected to the potable distribution network, that the population drink and utilize water from rudimentary wells whose depth is less than two meters. Since the land is sandy and these wells are so closed to latrines in an environment where we are sometimes found at less than one meter above the sea level, fecal pollution thus exposes these populations to diseases such as typhoid fever, amoebic or bacillus dysentery; parasites; skin and intestinal mycosis.

3°) The detection of cardio vascular diseases and diabetes.

      According to Cameroonian cardiologists, 25% of the urban population is suffering of arterial hypertension and in the years to come majority of Cameroonians will live in urban areas. Hence, the detection and prevention campaign for these diseases becomes an urgent necessity. Therefore, the “Our Lady of the Angels Center” envisages organizing campaigns to detect these diseases which affect more and more vulnerable people and victims of malnutrition.

4°) The detection of AIDS and the distribution of ARV to seropositive people

      The State and NGOs are making important efforts on the field in order to ameliorate the health of people living with AIDS, but there are still some people living without a knowledge of their serological status and because of that, door to door detection will better ameliorate the work on the field.

 5°) Impregnation of mosquito nets

      The project aims at impregnating mosquito nets of people who live in marshy areas and are often exposed to mosquito which are the main vectors of malaria in the world.

6°) The showing of documentary films on hygiene and sanitation.

      The showing of documentary films in less favored areas will have as aim to sensitize the population on the elementary hygiene rules which are the cornerstones for fight against tropical diseases. In nowadays, we do not need scientific proofs to demonstrate that malaria has disappeared in Europe because Europeans have improved on their environment.

7°)  The detection of cataract.

      The cataract is one of the eyes diseases which affect elderly persons in Cameroon. As the number of ophthalmologists is insufficient, people suffering of cataract are obliged to move to the urban area where they are. So, this project aims to organize in time to time campaigns to detect cataract and other eye diseases with ophthalmologists.

8°) The acquisition of a piece of land.

      The purchasing of a piece of land will have as principal aim to construct buildings that will house:

  • The main office of the association.

  •  Patients who have been abandoned.

  • Aged persons who do not have anybody to take care of them.

  • The Center to train young volunteers of the center.

  • A Marian sanctuary for prayer and spiritual relief since it is a Marian Association and because we need a healthy spirit for healthy body.


      To realize the envisaged projects, the “Our Lady of the Angels Center” needs people of goodwill and humanitarian organizations to finance the projects. Hence it has among others the following needs:

  • Laboratory equipments for bio medical analysis.

  • Sticks and reagents for bio medical analysis and tests.

  • A video camera to film its activities.

  • A projector to better educate the masses on the elementary hygiene rules; on STDs and AIDS.

  • A computer (laptop and desktop) for the running of its activities.

  • Medicines (drugs) to treat poor patients.

  • Means of transportation to go and meet disabled patients who cannot move.

  • Beds for the hospitalization of patients.