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        The “Our Lady of the Angels Center” is located at Mambanda in the Douala IVth district where it has a socio medical center. This remote and enclave suburb has a population of about 120.000 inhabitants divided into 39 blocs. The quarter is facing a fast population growth of about 3.5% per year. Mambanda being an insular quarter,is surrounded in the south by the River Wouri; in the west by the River Moungo; in the north by “Ngwele, Grand Hangar” and “Bilingue” quarters, then in the east by “Nkomba quarter”. The soil of this quarter as the other areas of Douala town is here and there muddy; swampy or sandy. In the period of high sea, the southern part of the quarter is covered by the water coming from the Wouri estuary. Mambanda has no asphalted road. The quarter is dirty notwithstanding the efforts done by the urban community to remove garbage. One third of Mambanda area is covered by the potable water network and therefore, water of wells constitutes the source of drinking water for the rest of the population. That is why there are from time to time epidemics of cholera, endemic malaria gastro-enteritis.   

        The majority of the population is made of low class workers, petty traders, petty craftsmen, and petty fishers living at the threshold of poverty in precarious lodgings and fighting for their daily survival. The population is made of Cameroonians from all regions; of immigrants Nigerians; Chadians; Niger’s people; Ghanaians; Beninese; Central Africans; Guineans; Malians. The communication languages are French, English or Pidgin-English. In short it is Cameroon and Sub-Saharan Africa in miniature.

        Mambanda has 05 private lay colleges; 01 private missionary college; 01 Government Bilingual Secondary School; 16 private sanitary facilities; 07 Pentecostal Churches; 01 Roman Catholic parish with 01 Eucharistic post and many movements and small community groups; 01 Baptist Church parish; 02 Evangelical Church parish; 01 Hall of the Kingdom of Jehovah Witness; 03 Mosques for the different Muslim community groups; The Lutheran Church is settling and there are 45 ethnical or socio economical associations.  

To better grasp misery in Mambanda and the OLAC's socio medical center click here.


        In the domain of the public health, the “Our Lady of the Angels Center” takes active part among others.

  • In the infant and mother protection (IMP) by administering BCG against tuberculosis,
  • In the fights against poliomyelitis by administering anti-polio vaccine,
  • The DTCHB against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and hepatitis B,
  • The VAR against measles,
  • The VAA against yellow fever to the children between 0 to 5 years,
  • The prenatal consultations,
  • In the administration of anti titanic vaccines and the preventive treatment against malaria and anemia to pregnant women,
  • The supplementation in vitamin A to babies and breast feeding women,
  • Monitoring potential epidemic diseases,
  • In vaccination campaigns organized by the Ministry of Public Health,
  • In the door to door treatment of very sick people who cannot go by themselves to health centers for treatment,
  • In the massive treatments organized by the Ministry of Public Health in case of epidemics. In fact, in the year 2005, the “Our Lady of the Angels Center” through the intermediary of its Para medical members and trained volunteers, participated in the fight against cholera in Mambanda which was one of the centers of this epidemic in the town of Douala. It also organizes from time to time educative talks in its socio-medical centre; in schools; at family meetings and in associations with socio-economic interests.
  • In the fight against STDs and AIDS, the “Our Lady of the Angels Center” proposes abstinence to youths, fidelity to married couple which is the method recognized and approved by the Catholic Church.


        The “Our Lady of the Angels Center” now has a network with “The Regional centre for the welfare of the Ageing Persons in Cameroon” (RECEWAPEC) an NGO working for the welfare of old people; the Health District of Bonassama of the town of Douala, the Health Committee of Mambanda (COSA) and the other health establishments operating in Mambanda in the frame work of the public health.

        The “Our Lady of the Angels Center” is still open to eventual partners who respect its objectives.