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About us

      “Le centre Notre Dame des Anges” in French; the Our Lady of the Angels Center in English and abbreviated OLAC was initiated by Mr. Pascal Mafo. It was first called “Association Notre Dame des Anges.” The idea of its creation came from the second Joyous Mystery of the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary who after the announcement by angel Gabriel that she will be the mother of the savior went straight away to her pregnant and aged cousin Elisabeth to help her in the household chores, showing thus that when one serve all those in the need, he serve God. (Lk 1:39-56)

Conscious of the environment favorable for the growth and spread of diseases and poverty which affects particularly vulnerable and the less privileged population, considering the fact that the State alone cannot resolve all the evil plaguing our society and may need the assistance of individuals; internal and external organizations in order to ameliorate the health conditions of the sick people, Mr. Pascal Mafo after many meetings and consultations with people interested in the amelioration of the health conditions of the population created the “Our Lady of the Angels Center” to concretize this idea.

Born in Mambanda (Douala IV in Cameroon) in the year 2000, the association truly took effect on the 27th May 2001 during its first constitutive General Assembly during which Mr. Pascal Mafo was elected executive bureau president and in charge of facilitating the legal recognition of the association.

 After making many approaches, the association was registered, recognized and legalized on May 11-2002.

On the 13th September 2007, during its extraordinary General Assembly, the association changed its designation to adopt that of “Centre Notre Dame des Anges” in French or “Our Lady of the Angels Center” in English and abbreviated (OLAC).


The “Our Lady of the Angels Center” (OLAC) is a humanitarian association, non political, lay, but inspired with Christian inspiration working in the fear of God.

That is why it believes among others that:

1°) Man is the visible image of the invisible God.

2°) God is in every man that he has created.

3°) Life is sacred since it is a gift from God.

4°) Each person will be judged by the love he had in
               God and in his neighbor. (Lk 10:25-37)

Hence, its founders have taken as their motto: “Serve God in the suffering man.”

The “Our Lady of the Angels Center” has the following objectives:  

  • Promote health education and sensitization of the populations on elementary rules of hygiene as well as on STDs and AIDS.
  • Give first aid to vulnerable and less privileged people.
  • Prevent diseases through vaccination campaigns.
  • Create aid posts to assist the populations where there are no health facilities.
  • Train unemployed youths into the profession nursing aid.